Drawing on my experience as a Spanish instructor, I teach economics as a new language that students can master by identifying and engaging with it in the real world, practicing it with classmates through games and experiments, and communicating their ideas orally and in writing as simply as possible while they build up their vocabularies.

University of Michigan

Economics 101: Principles of Microeconomics (GSI for Prof. Justin Wolfers, Fall 2018)

Taught 50 students in 2 weekly discussion sections


"[Jon] was the best GSI I have had. He is very knowledgeable and is great at making everyone feel comfortable in the classroom. He is the only reason I showed up for discussions."

"He genuinely cared about his students and consistently went out of his way to make sure everyone understood the course material (i.e. giving detailed explanations on discussion and practice exam questions)."

"One of the most welcoming instructors I have ever had. Amazing."

Economics 490: Ethics of Economic Behavior (GSI for Prof. Ben Zamzow, Fall 2017-Winter 2018)

Developed writing skills of 100 students in 2 Upper-Level Writing Requirement classes

University of Arizona

Spanish 101: First-Semester Spanish (Instructor of record, Fall 2013-Spring 2015)

Instructor of record for 125 students in 5 classes meeting 4 times per week